Aoeria is an (Alternative/Progressive/Psychedelic) Rock band from Long Island, New York
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Upcoming Shows: Aoeria & Entwined(Frank & Sharon's other project) EP Release Parties!

This Sunday, October 16th, catch Frank, Sharon, Toby & Sal with Entwined for a early evening show at the Restless Souls Haunted House. The show is free and we will have free Entwined and Aoeria new singles, and our previous albums and shirts too. Get ready for a spooktacular time!

AOERIA Returns to NYC's Leftfield, Friday October 28th! Showtime; 7pm sharp
It's at 87 Ludlow, 21+ w/ ID and $10 to enter. Your ticket includes a free AOERIA SSampler of our upcoming album - pick one up at our merch booth or say Hi to the band if you don't see it. We also will have some of the last copies available of our first 2 albums - until we get more made! We hope you join us to celebrate the mysterious and ghostly season with us - perhaps we will play some of our freakier tunes!

Listen to another new tune - "Wave Song"- on soundcloud! From our upcoming album and available on CD&mp3/aiff/wav/flac as part of our Album #3 Teaser EP at Pick up a copy at our show next Friday at Bar Matchless.

Watch videos of our last performance at Leftfield - including live band debuts:


The Mystery

and Lucidity -

Here's a taste of our new album - The Mystery (early single mix):

rehearsal recording of new song in the works:

Aoeria just had a great rehearsal that we streamed live on facebook. Watch it on our Official Aoeria Facebook Page

In preparation of our new album in and new growth in the band we are redesigning our site. All of the old features will remain, they just may be relocated.

Our first new feature is a lyrics page. Check it out! We split it up by albums, including songs from our new album...Aoeria Lyrics

Album Updates:
We also have been posting rough sketches of other new songs that we come up with along the way, check out Soundcloud - Bandcamp - and YouTube (in studio videos comng soon)!

Here's a few updates about the new album from Frank:
Several songs have vocals fully recorded and more are on the way. The sound of the next Aoeria album is really coming together with thanks due to the patient way it's been recorded,gathering experience and musical expressions over the past few years of playing with musicians like Sharon & Toby and on stages across the Long Island area.

Aoeria (A-or-ee-uh) is an independent alternative/progressive/rock band from the Long Island/NYC area that combines many sounds and styles with subtle and intense guitar, introspective and observational lyrics, intricate and simple melodies, all meshed with rhythmic dances and meditations on sounds ranging from acoustic strums to groovy riffs.  The group includes Toby Bruzik(Entwined) on drums/percussion, Sharon Binder(Entwined) on keyboards/vocals , and Frank Giliberti(Jamaica Ashe) on vocals/guitar.  See them create a unique performance at every show they play.

The Reel Story of Aoeria and Waterwheel
Here's the first part of several telling the story. It and covers the early beginnings of the band to the first sessions that would become Waterwheel. Please sit back, tune into some music, and turn the page…

Here's a poem

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